Bruce Boudreau is a coaching legend,full stop !

Canucks management are a fkn Disgrace,full stop

This article is being written by a guy who isn’t a Canuck Fan.I am however a massive hockey fan, and have tons of buddies who are Canuck fans. I just wanted to give you my take on this complete classless,degrading fuck up, of how the Canucks organization handled an employee and how the CANUCK FANS saved their asses. Bruce Boudreau has been in the hockey world for 50 years or so , from a player, to assistant coach, to ECHL , you name a league, this man coached in it. In 2007 he broke into the NHL with Washington Capitals,he then has gone on to the Ducks, Minnesota Wild and for tonight,the Canucks.

Suffice it to say, this man has given his life to this game and after all these years, deserves some respect.When you have a man who clearly wears his heart on a sleeve,passionate,who has ethics,morals,character,honour,you would think that even if it’s a hockey decisions, a hockey move of fire first before i get fired, they would show some fucking Compassion. It broke my heart to see him moved to almost tears during an interview.

But, here’s the thing, as bad as the management (Rutherford) has handled this, the Canucks Fans took it upon themselves to say, “NOT ON OUR WATCH”. This has to be reported on, simply because the fan base took this personally and were pissed off and let them know it. From taking signs away to watching their GM on National TV come off as a fuckin Baboon they rallied around this man. Do you know what this will meant to him? Seriously , do YOU?

For the short time he coached here, it will never go down as a bright spot in his career stat wise but to add insult to injury, his employer treated him like a piece of shit, a puppet.

What the Canucks fans have done is simply incredible. Now let’s be honest here for a second.The knock on Canuck Fans has been one of a fair weather fan base, win were in , lose ho hum.

But you Canuck fans out there deserve a MASSIVE round of applause of how you made this man know just how much he meant to you,knowing full well his own employer couldn’t or wouldn’t. Instead of him sipping on a cold one Monday night at home wondering what the hell just happened,  beaten man, you and ONLY you let this man walk out of that building tonight with dignity, honour and self worth ..

I want to take this time to thank Canucks fans far and wide personally.

And just know this… When he looks back on his time in Vancouver, I guarantee you, it will be one of the best moments of his career because of how you supported him,

thanks to you,and only YOU !! 

Take A Bow Canuck fans !!