Pacific FC is excited to announce the return of captain Josh Heard for the upcoming 2024 CPL season. Heard, a Victoria native, is entering his fifth season with the club, his second as captain of the Tridents.

“It’s an extreme honour to be playing for my hometown professionally in front of my friends, family, old coaches,” said Heard. “It is a huge honour and I can’t wait to get back.”

During the 2024 CPL season, Josh Heard will make his 100th professional appearance with Pacific FC, ranking second all-time in appearances in club history. Heard acknowledged that the game will carry special significance representing his hometown as a faithful Trident.

“It’s huge! For some reason that 100 match mark is such an important one and it will be an incredible honour to walk out and wear the badge, which is pretty cool, and hopefully I’ll be able to do it here at home in the great Starlight Stadium.”

Responsibilities of Wearing the Armband

“You want to be yourself, you want to be authentic,” says Heard on his approach to being captain heading into his second season at the helm. “There is added responsibility, I’m the leader out there and it is up to me for a lot of things and that’s a role I really like and it’s a role I thrive in.”

Authenticity is at the heart of Heard’s character on and off the pitch. Learning from his experiences playing internationally, and being a key player in Pacific’s 2021 CPL Championship winning squad has allowed him to gain a level of comfort in his leadership style.

“There are definitely many different ways of being a leader, and I’m not necessarily the rah-rah Friday Night Lights guy before a game, but I’m a guy that shows up consistently and my approach is always there,” said Heard. “I show up everyday with hard work, I’m approachable and I’m a guy that guys can always come talk to.”

In a league that thrives on the development of promising talent, Heard’s congenial demeanor can help to bridge the gap for young players entering the CPL.

Building a Pathway

Heard, a well-known product of the local soccer system having played for Lakehill Soccer Association, Victoria Metro and the Victoria Highlanders, spoke about wishing programs such as the Wave academy existed when he was younger to have a direct path to the professional ranks.

“To get to where I am today I had to take a bunch of different roads and I’m grateful it led me here, but it would have helped a lot if I was younger and I could see that direct path for guys like Sami (Marvasti) and Jack Garner. They’ve been in the environment and it’s very cool for them to be able to see it. That’s what this is all about, it’s about growing the game; growing the game locally, growing the game in the country, and also globally of course. That’s the ultimate goal.”


Heard, 29, is in his prime as a professional athlete, recording fourteen goals over the last three seasons. Despite his success and long tenure with Pacific, Heard still makes an active effort to branch into new avenues within the soccer community. Since 2021, Heard has been helping coach the Van Isle Wave program which is supported by Pacific FC. Giving back to the next generation by sharing his knowledge and insights of the game can help advance young athletes through the Powered by Pacific program ranks.

“I like the people part of it. Being out there, being with the kids, building relationships; it goes a long way for myself and I would hope it helps them as well. Like I said, building that pathway, seeing the path to pro,” said Heard.

Buoyed by Fan Support

Being one of the longest tenured Pacific FC players has allowed Heard to develop relationships that generate a positive impact with youth soccer players, Trident fans, and the Greater Victoria community. Heard’s connection with the fans, specifically the outpour of support at Starlight Stadium, has not gone unnoticed, providing the team with an extra gear in the face of adversity.

Josh Heard signing autographs for Pacific FC fans

“It’s everything for me! My favourite part about football is obviously the game, my second favourite is the people and how it brings communities together. That’s a huge part of why I play and everything I do. To have the fans out there and to have the community out there day-in day-out supporting us means everything and we can’t wait for your continued support going into the 2024 season.”

As for the impact of Pacific FC on the Vancouver Island soccer community, Heard says it’s the kids that make all the difference.

“It’s the kids that really latch on. You see it after games. Those are the ones that it means a lot too. I think building and fostering those relationships are huge.”