Vancouver Island is Trident Territory.

There’s no mistaking that bold purple. When you pop into your favourite café for a coffee, swing by the vintage store to score that perfect jacket, or spend the day cruising around downtown, the flash of purple is sure to catch your eye. There’s always a Pacific fan out there somewhere and they’ll be sure you know it.


Pacific FC draws energy from our community. Bold. Vibrant. The swell of a rising tide. As a club nestled in the heart of Vancouver Island, Pacific FC embodies the Island Spirit that locals are known for. Hardworking, yet creative; prone to moments of brilliance. The sense of community, bonded through the cold Pacific Ocean that surrounds us.



The Trident Territory kit is made with Macron’s ECO Fabric – a thread that is 100% PET recycled polyester and is certified by Global Recycle Standard. Producing this fabric requires less water and less energy, and above all, it gives a second life to waste PET materials that would otherwise be thrown away. For every ECO Fabric shirt produced, around 13 half-litre plastic bottles are recycled.


The 2024 Pacific FC Primary Jersey celebrates those who make our Island special and hoist the trident high. Those in our community who inspire us to put the work in day after day, on and off the pitch, to ensure we represent the Island with pride. Each fan is as much a part of the club as the players who take the field to bring glory to Vancouver Island. The Trident Territory Kit is an opportunity to represent not only your club but your community.

Heavily featuring the trident found in our club badge, the Trident Territory Kit is unmistakably Pacific. In a striking head-to-toe purple, this kit delivers a sense of energy, of growth, of a rising tide. Like the waters we call home, Pacific FC is ready to surge forward and take the Canadian Premier League by storm. From Port Hardy to Oak Bay, Tofino to Campbell River, Vancouver Island is Trident Territory.