Victoria City Rowing Club’s weekend of racing on Elk Lake commenced early this morning despite the crosswinds blowing across the lake.

Gorge Narrow Rowing in boat (31) Dickau race against Victoria City Rowing Club Saturday morning during the Duelling over a Grand Regatta, 9taking place on Elk Lake Saturday and Sunday. Photo by Gord Rufh ISN

Duelling Over A Grand has crews race head to head for 1000 meters, with the winner advancing to the next round of racing. A double knockout format allows a crew to advance through the tournament until they lose twice and are knocked out of the tournament or progress all the way to the final.

Photo by Gord Rufh ISN Sports
Photo by Gord Rufh ISN Sports

With the double knockout, tournament style format, crews have the chance to take what they learned in one race and apply it to the next one.  The exciting sudden death final has the crew who lost only once (and progressed to the final through the “second chance tree”) racing the crew who won all its races (and progressed to the final through the “undefeated tree”).

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