TrackMan's Technology Measures Speed, Spin and Movement of Pitched and Batted Balls
Cutting-edge technology will be implemented at five more West Coast League stadiums this summer with the league’s announcement today of an expanded agreement with TrackMan. The company’s 3D Doppler radar system, which is used by all 30 Major League Baseball teams, precisely measures the location, trajectory and spin rate of hit and pitched baseballs. The data provided by TrackMan’s system serves as an additional tool to assist in player development and evaluation by objectively measuring on-field performance.
“As Commissioner, one of my highest priorities is making the West Coast League the tech-friendliest collegiate summer league in America, and our new partnership with TrackMan is a tremendous step in that direction,” said Rob Neyer. “The West Coast League features some of the finest amateur talent in the country, and now every Major League Baseball front office will have the chance to see exactly what our players can do.”
Last fall, the West Coast League and TrackMan entered into negotiations to expand TrackMan coverage in 2019, and recently the parties signed a Memo of Understanding that stipulates the installation of TrackMan technology in five additional West Coast League ballparks for this season. All parties are working toward 100% West Coast League coverage, perhaps as soon as 2020. In the meantime, TrackMan will serve as the “exclusive tracking provider to measure the speed, spin and movement of pitched and batted baseballs during all West Coast League scheduled games.”
The West Coast League-TrackMan relationship began in 2018, when TrackMan turned on the existing equipment in Oregon State’s Goss Stadium that was used in the summer by the Corvallis Knights.
“We had a good experience working with the Knights last season and the MLB teams we work with showed a strong appetite for their data, so we are very excited to be expanding our coverage of the WCL,” said TrackMan Baseball general manager John Olshan. “This is a great opportunity. Not only will the players and coaches benefit from having access to TrackMan data for player development, but the players will also be evaluated by MLB clubs that will have access to data from the WCL in the same form, format and measuring system that they use throughout their minor league systems.”
“We really enjoyed working with TrackMan last summer,” said Dan Segel, CEO of Knights Baseball Club. “The data gleaned from TrackMan is an outstanding additional resource that provides valuable insight for player development.”
In addition to Corvallis, the following five teams will host TrackMan in 2019: Walla Walla, Cowlitz, Bend, Wenatchee, Bellingham.
The 2019 WCL season gets underway on June 4, with all 12 teams in action to begin the campaign.


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