The Kelowna Rugby Football Club (KRFC) are thrilled to announce the return of Senior Women’s rugby to Kelowna!


As Kelowna’s only rugby club, the Kelowna Crows have been without a Women’s team since 2019, and we’re excited to be able to offer Women’s rugby in the Central Okanagan once more as we’ve declared a team for the BC Rugby Union’s (BCRU) Division 2 for the coming 2022-23 fall / winter season.

“Given the growth and success of the rugby club last year, it is only natural that we relaunch the women’s team for the upcoming season. We’re so excited to get started!”, said Eleya Quist, Director of Women’s Rugby.


As such, we’re currently recruiting players to become members of the first Crows Senior Women’s squad since the pandemic. No rugby experience is required, and rugby is a game that involves people of all shapes, sizes, and athletic abilities! It truly is the ultimate team sport.

We’re looking for women (19+) who are looking to make lifelong friends playing an amazing sport with a culture like no other while challenging themselves physically and mentally. Athletes from sports like hockey, football, and basketball tend to translate many of those skills over to rugby.


“I’ve been playing rugby since 2010, through High School, representative level, and University, rugby has provided me with opportunities that I would have never experienced had I not started playing,” said Jennifer Lemon, a women’s player and Vice-President of the KRFC. “Rugby is a sport for everyone and one that you will find lifelong friendships from no matter which stage you start your rugby journey!”.


If you’re looking to get back into sport, get fit, make friends, and make memories that will last a lifetime – this is that opportunity! The rugby family welcomes everyone with open arms. If the last time you picked up a rugby ball was in High School, or you’ve never touched one before we still want you!


The continued growth of Kelowna has seen a corresponding boom for the Crows as our Senior Men’s squad grew from a base of roughly 20 players in 2019 to 40+ players split between two teams last season in Divisions 1 & 3 which included a semi-final appearance in Division 1 (the second highest level of play in British-Columbia).

Along with the great growth in the Men’s program, our youth offerings have exploded as well, including 185 players in our Mini’s & Youth (Ages 3-13) and 100 players at the Junior (14-18) level.


Founded: 1969

Youth Players: 185

Junior Players: 100

Adult Touch Players: 150

Senior Players: 50 (and growing)


Any interested players are encouraged to reach out to our Director of Women’s Rugby, Eleya Quist by emailing! The season is fast approaching, and we can’t wait to see you at the pitch.