Dave Proctor

Canadian Ultrarunner Dave Proctor of Okotoks, Alta Is running across Canada for the second time. His first attempt was back in 2018 but he withdrew with back issues in Manitoba. He started this new run in Newfoundland on May 15 2022 and is currently on his twelve pair of shoes and on his 66th day, due to arrive in Victoria BC Mile Zero tomorrow July 21st 2022.

Why you may ask? Well ,I asked him that as well.

He wants to break Al Howie’s cross-Canada speed record of 72 days, 10 hours, set in 1991. As you can see,barring a disaster, he’s about to smash that record tomorrow. His blistering pace through each province in impressive to say the least. Here is a look at day’s spent running in each province.

Days in each Province-to date: averages 105-107km a day-
Newfoundland 9 days, Nova Scotia 3, New Brunswick 6 , Quebec 5, Ontario 21, Manitoba 4, Saskatchewan 6, Alberta 5 and BC 9+ not completed yet!
For the most part he’s been trying to stay as close to the exact same route as Canadian Icon Terry Fox, following the Trans-Canada Highway. He was blessed to visit the site in Thunder Bay Ont, where the “Marathon Of Hope” ended for Canada’s best athlete.
I asked him what that meant for him and he told me straight up “Everything”. “I mean it’s hard not to get emotional when you are trying to accomplish something that this man couldn’t, not because he didn’t have the desire,heart,passion but because he was just too sick”
An emotional Proctor went on to tell me (while running on his way to Hope BC I may add) that he actually had a chance to speak with his brother Fred Fox while running through Ontario.To his surprise they actually have a lot in common, you see as Fred was a huge part of Terry’s run,Dave’s brother Dan Proctor, is also massively involved with his run.
They spoke for about 45 min that day and talked at length about the struggles of control,the fact he feels at times his brother doesn’t understand the magnitude of what it takes to be an Ultra Runner and looks at him as his brother not a runner. As in the case of the “Marathon Of Hope” things weren’t always peachy when it came to everyone getting along on a daily basis. Things get heated, words are said,and sometimes nothing is said for very long stretches of time. Proctor said ” I told Dan, listen it’s 67 day’s or so, so please just put up with me and my mood swings and we’ll go back to being brothers when this is done”.
Fred Fox chuckled as he knew exactly the scenario he was speaking about and the frustrations that accompany making this run.He went on to say in other media outlets that there would be downright screaming matches and almost came to blows a few times. That’s the passion it takes to pull this off. This run hasn’t seen that but they both understand how how mentally draining it can be pounding the pavement daily for over a 100k a day.
Just take a moment to let that sink in…100k running a day, every day !!   
When asked how he’s feeling as he gets close to completing his dream of breaking this 31 year old record,Proctor said ” I feel fantastic,I feel like I’m getting stronger everyday”
He added however ” it’s tough getting up in the morning (4am) and sometimes I’ve fallen asleep eating dinner (5-6pm) when I’m done for the day but when I’m out there running, I feel fantastic”
When asked how do you think you’ll feel after all this is said and done he replied ” I don’t really know to be honest but i’ll miss eating bake goods all day long”
From Newfoundland to the infested mosquito,black flies of Ontario all the way to Victoria BC, this coast to coast record breaking run is definitely one for the ages. A record I doubt will be broken for a very long time. Mr Proctor and team, I salute you sir !!
  ISN would also like to give these sponsors and crew members some love
Crew Members
Lana Ledene (girl friend and head crew chief) Myron Tetreault (ultra runner), Wayne Gaudet (ultra runner), Dan Proctor (brother), Matt Sheppard (ultra runner) Mike Huber (ultra runner), Joel Campbell (ultra runner)
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