49ers Lacrosse- JDF Field Lax was nice enough to lend us their older pinnies .

Since the onset of COVID our local school sports teams have not been able to travel and compete with other Lacrosse programs.

This past weekend a group of parents, coaches, athletes and JDF Lacrosse association took it upon themselves to create an opportunity for these players to be seen by the American schools.

We composed a team of players from Victoria, Vancouver, Nanaimo and points farther north on the island.

With this team we entered the Denver Shootout, one of the largest and toughest showcases in the West. The boys played in the elite level for our age group and finished second to the host team.

After such a long break we had some rust to shake off but went 3-0 in the round robin and won our semifinal game. Unfortunately, we lost to a great Denver team in the final match.

It takes a great love of the game for people to volunteer their time and financially contribute so these boys could get the chance for a scholarship in the US.

49ers Lacrosse wants to thank everyone who contributed to this endeavour. I am humbled by the support we received and the positive attitude that everyone involved displayed for this event to happen.