Elliott Richardson

The process of creating an integrated sports science system within the Department of Athletics at Acadia University has taken a large step forward with the announcement that Elliott Richardson, previous owner and operator of Acadia Performance Training, will become Acadia Athletics’ first full-time Manager of Student-Athlete Performance.


Effective July 2, 2019, Acadia Athletics will assume the operation of Acadia Performance Training as an entrepreneurial venture.


“The reality is that our competition is not the small primarily undergraduate schools across the country, but many are well resourced larger programs. There is no question that in professional and amateur sports, the great equalizer is maximizing the sports sciences. We have taken a big step towards doing so,” noted Executive Director of Athletics and Community Events, Kevin Dickie.


“We are fortunate that we have one of the top strength and conditioning coaches in the country. Elliott is highly respected not only among our department, but also across the country. Sports sciences and data driven information, along with being a passion of mine, is Elliott’s expertise. He will take our collective ideas and operationalize them. Elliott will help us maximize our potential with all of the great support systems we have on our campus including Kinesiology and Nutrition along with partnerships with the Canadian Sports Centre Atlantic and Kinduct Technologies,” said Dickie.


“This is a huge step forward for our athletic program in the development of a concept we have been exploring over the past year,” added Dickie.


Richardson, who played four years with the Axemen football team and spent three seasons from 2009 to 2011 in the CFL, returned to his alma mater in 2011 to become Acadia Athletics’ Strength and Conditioning coach along with providing the School of Kinesiology with instruction in practical courses in Resistance and Agility, Quickness and Speed training.


Richardson became the owner and conditioning coach of Acadia Performance Training in 2011, where he provided middle and high school students services in strength and conditioning. While doing so, Acadia Athletics student-athletes of each varsity program were provided strength and condition contracted services from Richardson and student-interns from the School of Kinesiology.


With his recent completion of a Masters in Science – Strength and Conditioning degree and as the Provincial Director for the National Strength and Conditioning Association in Nova Scotia, Richardson will lead the student-athlete physical performance aspect of the new Acadia 4 U program.


The Acadia 4 U program consists of 4 pillars including academics, wellness, health and performance. Acadia 4 U provides a holistic support program that will help the student athlete to achieve their highest level of academic success, foster health and wellbeing, develop citizenship skills, and achieve excellence in athletics. A student-athlete centered holistic program, Acadia 4 U will provide a safe and healthy environment that strives to empower the student-athlete while on campus and well into their future lives.


“I’m excited to take a new position at Acadia and help our athletes become the best athletes possible and help put points on the board. I believe we’ve set the bar in terms of physically preparing our athletes for their sport”, noted Richardson.


“Now that strength and conditioning is becoming a staple for U SPORTS athletes across the country, we need to continue to raise the bar and bring together the other areas of athlete development that can impact performance,” added Richardson.


Richardson noted that the Acadia 4 U program will help develop the all-round athlete who will reach their goals on and off the court, field and ice. “Improved performance isn’t reserved for the weight room and we need to find the best, holistic approach that includes nutrition, mental performance, athletic therapy, and research to give our athletes the best opportunity possible to be successful. I can’t wait to get started with our integrated sport science team and continue to raise the bar in the country.”


“We have a goal of providing a holistic support system for our student-athletes during their time at Acadia and beyond. As we head into the athletics season, we will strengthen and expand our key partnerships in our integrated sport science team”, concluded Dickie.


Further announcements will be made in advance of the season on integral partnerships and support staff of Acadia 4 U. The 2019 Acadia Athletics season begins on Saturday, August 17 with the Football Axemen visiting Mt. Allison in exhibition play.